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ECOM shipments / year

> 30,000 m²

Floor space




Share B2B replenishment / year

Welcome to
Fenix Outdoor Logistics GmbH

Premium service for Premium brands

Fenix ​​Outdoor Logistics GmbH is the central logistics service provider of Fenix ​​Outdoor AG in Europe.

We have started building our central warehouse in Ludwigslust in 2017 and

have since grown to over 50,000 m² of usable space.


Due to our location - close to the Schwerin motorway junction - we have excellent connections

both to the seaport of the Hamburg metropolitan region and the Berlin metropolitan region.

We can usually reach D / A / CH and BE / NE / LUX as well as NORDICS in 24/48 hours.


Based on the tradition of Globetrotter we can build on many years of experience in the field of

Omnichannel logistics for retail and ECOM .

By handling our own strong brands, we also have a lot of experience in the B2B wholesale sector.

The use of a common central warehouse for all flows of goods gives us the opportunity to realize a multitude of synergies in storage / processing and transport for our customers


We are also happy to offer our services to customers outside the group

from the outdoor or textile sector, which share with us the values

Sustainability - Respect - Flexibility

Feel free to click into our new interactive brochure!

Click through our new interactive brochure!

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